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The size of your network is irrevelant if there is no action flowing between the nodes. If your connections are not sharing opportunities, resources, information, etc. with you then why are they in your network? If you are not sharing opportunities with those in your network than why should your contacts share anything with you?

Connect with people who are more interested in your success than their number of connections. OBs are measured not by the size of our network but by our ability to make things happen for others. We are OBsessed with making things happen for people.

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A different approach to networking

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Don't associate with people you can see through. Connect with people who will see you through. TOB Founder
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Mar 2018 - TOB Opportunity Exchange Networking (ONE) Event


Reverse networking

Traditional networking is based on the principle of who can I meet to assist me in getting what I want. The Opportunity Brokers (TOB) is based on the principle of who can I meet who will honor and trust me to assist them in obtaining what they want. The objective is to have something to share...a career opportunity, a business opportunity for an entrepreneur, information, knowledge, access to resources, etc. TOB is about what you can give.

Most social media platforms are inward focused. TOB is outward focused. Our focus is not about displaying the number of stale connections or friends. We are not a platform for sharing daily diaries or albums of selfies. TOB is about sharing opportunities and creating a legacy that is based on making a difference for other people.

High-minded networking

We thrive on connecting people to their possibilities through sharing opportunities. Our contributors show a willingness to flex their opportunity muscle. TOBrokers are highly-driven networkers who are committed to making things happen for others.

Who would be a good OB?

  • Networkers looking to make a difference
  • Business owners
  • Corporate managers looking to connect with small businesses
  • HR Professionals looking to hire
  • Recruiters looking for talent
  • Career Coaches/Mentors willing to guide someone's career

What is an Opportunity Broker?

An Opportunity Broker is an individual who consistently identifies and shares opportunities with others. This requires skill and will...the skill to spot opportunities and the willingness to share them. An Opportunity Broker thrives on connecting people with professional and personal opportunities, useful information, and resources. Opportunity Brokers are team players who enjoy winning.